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Great Wall
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The Chinese Great Wall is the great construction in the history of human civilization. It was praised as the Eighth Wonder of the World many years ago. The construction of the Great Wall began during the Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring Period (770BC-221BC). After unification of China by Qinshihuang (the first emperor in China), Qinshihuang ordered his people to build a new wall on the base of the original one in large scale. Subsequent dynasties continued to strengthen and extend the wall. The most part of the extant wall from Shanhaiguan in Pohai to Jiayuguan in Gansu Province were built by Ming dynasty (1386 – 1644AC). The Great Wall is 7.8 meters high, 6.5 meters across at its base and 5.8 meters at its top. There is a watchtower rise to about 12 meters every one hundred meters.

Dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period, more walls were put up to defend the borders of the different kingdoms and nomad nationalities in the northern China. The Great Wall had become the dominant fortification for Han people since Qin Dynasty. In fact, the walls didn't resist the attacks of the dangerous enemies. Ming Dynasty tried their best to renovate the wall, regardless of the expense to humans in effort, time and financial well-being, but ironically, the leader of Qirat not only led his army to crack the defense of the wall, but also took the emperor Yingzong of Ming Dynasty alive in 1499AC. At any rate, the Great Wall is just a wall which cannot protect a nation. Interestingly, the most prosperous Tang Dynasty was one of dynasties which never renovated the wall.

The Great Wall is the symbol of the Chinese civilization. It is the fruit of the Chinese nation's wisdom. Now, the Great Wall is the famous scenic spot attracting tens of thousands of tourists. There is a well-known Chinese saying on the wall, "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man". The Great Wall was selected on the list of the World Heritage in 1987.

Travel Tips

    Badaling Great Wall
    Admission Fee: 45RMB, or 85 (Badaling Great Wall plus cinema)
    Open Time: 6:30-19:00(high season), 7:00-18:00(low season)
    How to Get to: Take coach bus in downtown for about 1 hour. The coach bus starts at east Qianmen Lou in the morning. (Round-way fare: 90RMB)

    1. If you travel alone, don't believe the tour guide on coach bus.
    2. A bottle of water around Great Wall is more expensive so that you should buy water beforehand in downtown.

    Mutianyu Great Wall
    Admission Fee: 20RMB to 45RMB
    Open Time: 8:00-16:00
    How to get to: Take Bus No.936 (7:00 or 8:00) at Dongzhi Gate
    1. It is steep at Mutianyu Great Wall so you should be very careful
    2. If you plan to stay overnight, please take the thick coat and some food.

    Jiankou Great Wall
    Admission Fee: 20RMB Open Time: 7:00-17:00
    How to get to: Take Bus No.916 to Huairou and then rent mini-bus to Jiankou Great Wall.

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